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"Nafis and the Colourful Hallways" by Alessandro Niccoli - Audiobook - Ebook - Paperback

Now available the audiobook: here you can listen to a part:

This book is for children and adults, in terms of the style adopted, the narrative, metaphors and meanings.

Nafis is 13 years old, he’s skinny, has green eyes and his hair is disheveled. He lives in a big city in Southern Europe.

It’s the 21st century at the beginning of a worldwide pandemic and the fourth technological revolution that mark a point of no return. Poor lifestyles, senseless consumption of goods misunderstood as happiness, pollution and destruction cause Nafis to have a serious existential crisis. In this context, the boy experiences the rebellion of nature, which is the true protagonist of the book, in a whirlwind of emotions. One day, in a park in his smoky city, a ray of light strikes across his eyes and changes their colour. From that moment onwards, Nafis decides to change his life; nothing will be the same again.

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