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Review by jessica_bookpediaBook: Nafis and the Colourful Hallways

Review by jessica_bookpedia

Book: Nafis and the Colourful Hallways

Author: Alessandro Niccoli:

" ONCE YOUR MINDSET CHANGES, EVERYTHING ON THE OUTSIDE WILL CHANGE ALONG WITH IT." Greetings! dear readers. The book I read recently is really heart-winning, I'm so happy to review it for you all because the story went way too far from my imagination. Nafis is a thirteen years old boy and what made him different was his mindset and perspective. The way he looked over the world was really different. He was extremely intelligent and he always wanted to know more, with this unique ideology he always adored the nature and noticed it's minute elements. This uniqueness and intellectual personality at this young age made him different from others and eventually he became isolated. At a point of his life when he whole heartedly dwelled into the silence, he discovered some phenomenal and unexplored aspects of the nature. The story is very strong, unique and influential. The readers will love the author's approach and ideology behind the book. There is so much the readers can take from it. Hold on with the book to uncover some amazing perspectives.

What a phenomenal story! The protagonist and his mindset has made a long lasting impression on me. The book is a work of great philosophy and wisdom. I am glad I got to read this, the elements are really impressive and mind-bending. Nafis's journey is something very beautiful to read, the narration is beautiful, the title fits perfectly and the cover image is magnificent. I congratulate the author for this marvelous story, the book is certainly an eye-opener.

I would definitely recommend you to read this book. This book might not interest everyone but the people who admire similar content will vibe differently. There is a lot to discover and take inspiration from. The beginners and the young readers should definitely pick this.

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