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Rewiew by #reviewsbydaksh 📚"Nafis y los Pasadizos de colores"

Rewiew by @reviewsbydaksh

📚Nafis and the colourful hallways

By Alessandro Niccoli

(Nafis e I Corridoi colorati)

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Nafis and the Colourful Hallways

(English Edition)

Spanish Edition:

✨My Rating:-10/10

📚My Review:- Hello dear readers, I hope so you all are doing well. Sending you lot's of love and warm wishes. The author Alessandro Niccoli has come up with an fantastic frictional tale named " Nafis and the colourful hallways " which will leave you craving for more. I highly appreciate the author for writing this beauty. It's a lengthy read containing around 370+ pages which can be completed just within few sittings. The plot is very well crafted and designed by the author making the book more interesting to read. Coming to the plot, the story revolves around the protagonist named Nafis, who is a thirteen years old boy living normally just like the other boys. He had some animals whom he loved. Something strange happens which completely changed Nafis and makes him go on a long journey. Turn the pages to know what the journey is about on which Nafis goes on and explore each and every part of his life. The best part of this book is that it allows the readers to experience others lives, impossible adventures, loves, joys and even sufferings. Nafis is a warrior of words, he fights the injustices and ugliness in the world with love. This book kinda motivated me to a greater extent and I would love to re-read this book again and again. The language used is simple and easy for anyone to understand. The narration done by the author is maintained smooth and flawless throughout till the end. The cover is well depicted and the tittle fits perfectly. The writing style is absolutely gripping along with the usage of good words. Being a reader, I was completely hooked and no doubt it took me on a rollercoaster ride. Do read this book, i'm sure you won't regret picking it up for reading. I would highly recommend it to each and everyone reading this review. Overall, I totally enjoyed reading this.

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