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"Nafis is the protagonist of an incredible journey into the profoundest mysteries of nature and the mind.


He’s 13 years old, thin, has green eyes and a disheveled look. His story begins with an existential crisis in the grey city to which he was taken. One day, he comes across a garden where a dazzling ray of light cuts through the fumes of the city and the branches of the trees, until it meets his eyes and changes their colour, which signals the start of his journey. Nafis uses the light as a sword with which to fight shady characters who threaten the Earth.


The long journey helps him rediscover the significance of nature and its more obscure aspects, until nature itself becomes the true protagonist. He experiences it intensely, senses its secret symphony and acquires new skills from it and its inhabitants. He describes its symphonies, a perfect beach and the notes of the sea. Nafis rediscovers his naturalist tendencies, given that he always feels a sense of renewed admiration for the way that nature creates its great works without ever transgressing.


He discovers colourful corridors, obscured by a sick society, and reaches maturity thanks to a series of incredible experiences with new human and animal friends. Spoken to by Silence and guarded by birds of prey, Nafis leads us on a path to self-discovery in a wonderful world that’s worth defending.

Nafis and the coloured hallways

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