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Nafis and the Colourful Hallways

Nafis is 13 years old, he’s skinny, has green eyes, lives in a big city in Southern Europe. It’s the 21st century at the beginning of a worldwide pandemic and the fourth technological revolution that mark a point of no return.

Poor lifestyles, senseless consumption of goods misunderstood as happiness, pollution and destruction cause Nafis to have a serious existential crisis. In this context, the boy experiences the rebellion of nature, which is the true protagonist of the book, in a whirlwind of emotions.

Nafis explores his dreams, imagination, friendships and feelings, and gradually finds the strength that he had lost; he rediscovers the incredible abilities of the mind thanks to the energy he derives from his landscapes, which are masterfully illustrated.

Thanks to practicing ancient disciplines in nature, like a warrior, Nafis wages a peaceful war with words as powerful as swords, to awaken ideas, emotions and the masses, rediscovering a wonderful world that needs to be defended, towards a new era.

There are those who fight with swords and those who use words as weapons. Words are powerful, for better or for worse, they create ideas, generate emotions and motivate the masses. Nafis is a warrior of words.

There is a subtle thread that unites all things, even those that appear to have nothing in common with each other. Being able to follow that thread is like turning on a light bulb in the understanding of events. Well, Nafis has found the tip of that thread and, thanks to his stubbornness, courage and perseverance, he manages to slowly untangle the yarn and shed light on the problems of the Earth.

Using scientific accuracy and dialectical simplicity, the author manages to explain a series of extremely topical, fundamental problems of our time, involving the environment and our being, as well as providing solutions through the lively and versatile mind of Nafis.

The extraordinary thing about this book is that, even if it appears to tell the story of a journey into knowl- edge and consciousness, in the ever-growing grasp of an awareness deeply rooted in its time and entwined with its problems, at the same time it leads into the abysses of a person’s soul.

The ‘novel’ about Nafis leaves behind centuries of history and speaks to readers of the 21st century. It tells us that another Earth is possible.

The story of Nafis, with is profound reflections, give hope that all is not lost and teaches readers that is a beautiful reason for changing habits: the health of the world itself.

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